Girls, what are your first impressions of me?

Your first impressions:

1. How do I look
2. Ethnicity/Nationality
3. Age
4. General impression

Girls, what are your first impressions of me?

thaanks in advance!


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What Girls Said 2

  • Nice jacket.

    We can see the rest of your information from your profile so there's not much point in speculating.

  • You look like a gentleman, you seem friendly and approachable. A dream husband for many women out there. I'm not good with guessing the nationality, you're 19 as your profile says! 😊

    • thank you! and how would you say I look like in general?

    • Everyone has different opinion, I think you're attractive. For some reason you look familiar. I'd have fallen for you if we were in the same country. English is my third language, I apologise if that offended you.

    • where are you from btw? just curious... i am half english/half slovenian