Why are people not grossed out by me anymore?

Why are people not grossed out by me anymore?

So a few years ago the kids in my middle school told me I was weird I was fat, disgusting and ugly. And said I did drugs, or would just walk up to me just to say. Eww your face is disgusting lose weight! I am banned from my middle school because the kids there have said so much crazy stuff about me that the school decided to just block me from it since I'm now I'm in high school. People have said they'd like to fight me and push me off cliffs/ kill me because I was a ugly bitch. ( this is what guys have told me) they even went as far as stalking me. Or tried to get other girls to beat my head in. ( guys and girls) i could never leave my stuff around the school because this girl called me fat I turn around and see food open and spilled all inside my bag. I go to a high school not far from the school people bullied me at. But people don't treat me like this anymore. People may say bad things about me behind my back but I'm not treated like how I used to. Suddenly people are saying I'm pretty and I was asked out on a date on my 2nd day in high school. Mind you I live near my old middle school and the kids from my old middle school go to my high school. But they aren't giving me issues and are suddenly nice to me. Even the kids who used to ignore me are now talking to me. It's basically people are not mean to me as much and I am no longer bullied. But I don't want to think it's because I look better I tried to make up other theories. Maybe the kids have changed now that we are in high school. But I'm the same person I was in middle school. Do you think it's cuz I look better or is it because high school kids are just more mature? Fights and rumors still go around at my school but still what do you think?

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  • No you look the same as you did in middle school School/ kids are just better.
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Omg! I hope that isn't the case


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  • I'm sorry for all that and you're very strong for making it through. Respect

    I can tell you that the older you get the less it matters. People stop doing silly things like this. We value your brain not what you look like.


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  • In your case I don't think that it's because of looks. You're obviously none of the negative stuff you mentioned you were just another person being bullied during middle school, it happens to all of us. Kids usually grow up a little as they get into high school and also you need to know that not everyone has the courage to bully so, when someone is a bully and sees a braver bully bothering you, they will get the courage to do so as well. So, now probably since they lost a lot of the support that they had, they stopped. What should matter now is that you're not being bullied anymore and some guy asked you for a date already. Enjoy your high school years. :)

  • I don't know I am not inside everyone's mind.


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  • People always judge others based on looks

  • I am really sry you had to deal with this :(
    I have to say honestly that you re very cute and pretty ^^
    yes image is the main factor behind this.
    I hope you at least have some nice honest friends and family members to keep you in check.
    tc ^^