Is this the most truthful statement ever or what?

The title says it all. So I found this when surfing on Google, and thought, "It's just so true!" Women may have it harder in some parts. Like with having their periods, and being oversexualized, and stuff like that. But men definitely have it harder when it comes to looking good.
Is this the most truthful statement ever or what?
Me and every guy ik agrees with this. I've seen by far more good looking girls in my 12 grade class then guys. And I'm bi. For girls to have what's considered "hot", they already have it with their curves, boobs, and ass. All they gotta do is have good hygiene and not eat like a pig. And for the few ugly girls I saw, if only they didn't eat so much and were cleaner they'd look decent. Now for guys to have what's considered "hot", with a muscular fit body, they have to kill themselves at the gym for years, many and many times a week. And they gotta make sure they eat very little fats and sugars so that the man boobs don't come back. And yeah, that's how I see it as. Do you think it's true from your experience? I'm expecting all the guys to say "yes" and all the girls to say "no". Just my predictions.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah, so I've always thought that the effort guys put into achieving a nice body is under-appreciated.

    However, there's whole mental side to a girl and her body too - and it's a bit different and incomprehensible to many guys. Simply saying "don't eat like a fucking hippo" doesn't make anyone feel good.
    For example. Those shitty periods you mentioned? Well they sometimes trigger cravings that make her eat like a "fucking hippo." Then she see's a tiny pudge around her waist and it's like a slap in the face. Beautiful, perfect women on media don't make her feel better. Things get emotional pretty fast, and next thing you know, detrimental eating habits may lead to an eating disorder.

    The number of cases of eating disorders is much higher for women than men. Although I agree we need to appreciate the effort a guy makes into looking good, that picture also needs to develop a bit more sensitivity and awareness.


Most Helpful Guy

  • There is some truth to this.

    But it's also true that men can use their personality more to their advantage than women. If a woman is not considered attractive, it doesn't matter how fun or smart she is. She will not be seen as more sexually attractive no matter what she does, at least from most men.

    A man can be average and ever a little below average and still be considered sexually attractive to women if he plays his cards right.

    So a woman born beautiful will have an advantage attraction wise but men born average or below will have an easier time to date "above his league" than women.

    An average looking girl will probably not get that guy you posted here. But an average looking guy that is awesome in other areas will be able to get the girl you posted.

    • That actually makes sense. So just basically, women are more dependent on genetics, while men are more dependent on their personalities. A good looking women would attract guys regardless of personality. A good looking guy may look good, but if he's shy and doesn't have the right cards, he can't attract shit. But if there's an ugly guy on the other hand who has that "bad boy" and "outgoing" personality that girls like, he will attract lots of women. And if there's an ugly women... she just can't attract shit either, just like the good looking shy guy.

    • Yes, I would say that sums it up.

      That's why I would say that men generally have a little advantage because they can easier control their level of attractiveness. It's obviously not easy for guys who are shy and insecure, but at least that is something they can work on and change and eventually become super attractive.

      Women try to do the same thing but they resort to plastic surgery and makeup to try and fix what they can't change naturally. Sometimes this works, sometimes not, depending on what they have to work with.

    • And I just realized, no wonder it's so much more common to see an attractive woman with a not-so-attractive man, then a attractive men with a not-so-attractive women. And even if the not-so-attractive women is good friends with the guy, he is bound to reject her if she asks him out. Guys are a bit more picky about looks then girls. Girls just want a good personality, usually. But guys want a good personality, and good looks.

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  • This is so true I'm not even kidding! My body looks quite similar to that, and I do nothing, I'm just naturally skinny and don't eat too much. However my boyfriend has to work out every day and eat healthily to keep his sixpack


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  • To have a nice body, yes it's MUCH easier for a woman. But if you don't have a nice face it really doesn't matter.

  • Women's liberation has led to their social superiority. Sexual freedom of women makes men helpless and civilization, society and men all start getting destroyed.

    It was said long ago (something like) "God forbid that females and their sexuality should ever be free again"

    • Uh... that comment seems a bit sexist... this post was not about sexism...

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    • Unscientific bigots...

    • 3d

      Well, he's not wrong. Like it or not. You'd be a damn fool not to see what is happening, and this hasn't been the first time.

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