In your eyes, what is the perfect female body?

You can describe it and post a picture.


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  • I'm bad at describing, but will try to. It's detailed.

    I like legs. Long, shapely, smooth. I like them in the thinner side. Not thin, not like sticks, but thinner. I do not mind is they (or the rest of her) is slightly muscular, so long as muscles don't add much bulk.
    I like hairless of nearly hairless groin. Innie lips. Looks cute and tasty.
    I like a smaller, tight butt. Not flat, just not big. The kind where you can stand in front of her, and put your hands in her back pocket, and cup it perfectly. Gotta be something there to grab.
    I like a flat belly. Taut, smooth skin. I like medium breasts, the perfect handful, pert and firm enough to keep their beautiful shape, soft enough to play with.
    I like nipples that are pink, even if a dark pink, that stand out like pencil erasers when she is turned on. areolas maybe a little bigger than a quarter. light in color, but slightly darker than the surrounding skin.
    I like lips that are not too plump. botox lips are gross. pursing your lips to make them look bigger ("duck face") is just dumb.
    I like smaller cheeks, a nose that isn't wide, and is ever so slightly upturned at the end.
    I like eyes. Blue, or green, or hazel. Bodies are amazing, but you can get lost in eyes. Eye shape is less important, though. Whatever looks best for the face they're on.
    I love long, straight hair. Silky, smooth, fun to run your hands through. Hanging straight down, or in a pony tail, or a braid, it looks great.
    I like taller girls, who are still shorter than me. 5'6" to 5'10". Always exceptions. Last girl I had a SERIOUS thing for was maybe 5'1"!
    I like skinny. And healthy. I don't want a girl who looks like she is starving herself! In fact, because I like food, I want a girl who likes to eat, and who just puts some effort into staying fit.


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