Girls, am I at least a 6.5/10?

I'm kind of insecure about my acne ~
And I thik my eyes don't look too great either...
Comment please, cause the poll isn't cooperating with me...
Girls, am I at least a 6.5/10?!

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  • I'm not sure what you're worried about here you're attractive man. And I dig the hair!

  • You don't look good in that pic, but you look a lot better in your profile pic.

    • Thanks! Yes I took the picture as soon as I woke up :p
      But figured that this would be the most accurate picture, not one where I know I look good.

  • You're handsome. If you cut that hair, you'd be even more handsome. The way it is, it makes you look a little big scraggly. But I can see your face. And it is a handsome face :)

    • I'll try this in a month with my short hair and see the results, haha
      But thank you! :)

  • You can look 8 but you seem like you don't take care of yourself so that makes you look 5
    Your hair is too long for my taste

    • what do you mean by take care of yourself?
      Cause I treat myself to nice things all the time ! hahaha

    • I don't like your long hair and facial hair

    • Oh, I see, thanks for letting me know :)

  • I think you are 5. Average. Has nothing to do with your acne. I can't even see it.

    • Thanks! Then it means it's mostly down to preference and I shouldn't stress about it too much!
      So I'll do things just to make myself happy!
      I appreciate your honesty :)

    • Do that. You deserve to be happy. Your acne isn't that bad and even if it was, it shouldn't hold you back.

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