Girls, How do I look?

Ok. Now i've reached the 2xper so, now, i can send you a private messages with my photo if you want it

Before you see it, i want to say that i think that i'm really ugly. I'm not the guy who wants to ear or see a compliments from women knowing that he is cute. In fact, i don't want to make my image public but i want to send it via pm

Anyway i want an honest opinion about my face (of course, if you have to say that i'm ugly, just do it gently), and, eventually, give me an advice on how i can improve my look (of course, i don't believe so much in this, because the problem would be the face and a different haircut doesn't change the face lol)

So i hope that i can send you a private messages with my photos so you can rate


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  • I'm sure you dont look too bad

    • I know you didn't have much of a choice, but thanks for mho

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