Girls, How do I look/rate?

I just wanted to ask if i look dateable or whatever you call that haha :). Yeah I'm a really nice guy though i just can't meet girls because im shy as f*ck and im not really good at flirting hahah and uhh any comments suggestions? Haha
Girls, How do i look/rate?



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  • You're very good looking. I guess a way to 'win' a girl over is to be confident. Be frequent when communicating with a girl and make sure you aren't talking to multiple at once wise that does tend to turn a girl off. Humour is also very attractive for a girl, just don't be a 'fuck' boy and just be genuine and you should be good to go. You defiantly do not look 'undateable' dude, don't cut yourself short.

    As for meeting girls, you could try online? If that would suit your nerves first, but try at you work/university go to clubs more, go to social events and cafes and stuff. When approaching a girl you could always offer to buy her a drink, just don't come off creepy, compliment her, that always helps! I hope I've been sort of helpful?:-)