Does the guy in this vid have a small face or sth?

I mean, the woman seems to have a bigger face in my opinion and my face measurements were the same, with maybe slightly wider cheekbones (0.5'' wider), off late i have been very insecure about the size of my face and i am wondering if i need to since my measurements resemble his

some comments please, i am very insecure these days


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  • What good does being insecure about the size of your face do for you? Seriously, its not worth worrying about because you literally can do nothing about it.

    That being said, the guy in the video looked perfectly normal to me. It's not like he had some unnaturally small face. I would not have even thought about it if not for this question. I'd attribute the different face sizes between the man and the woman to their different facial shapes. She has a much more rectangular shaped face whereas he said his was oblong. That, or maybe she just has a big head. But seriously, the guy looks normal and I'm sure you look normal as well.

    • nobody has ever mentioned to me that way, i have met a few indian tv stars too and in photos looked normal next to them, but i wear an army cap 67/8 which is size small so i am insecure, almost to the point of suicide, i checked with the tape, my head circumference was about 21-21.5'' while the average American man is 22.5''

    • and ur right, i noticed when they stand next to each other, their face is same size, his long hair around his forehead and behind the camera makes it look smaller than the woman's maybe its the shape.

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