Who among them is taller?

Who among them is taller?
The right side guy is a senior actor, people who have seen him and his own claim is he is 5'11'' and considering lots of sources say 5'10, 5'11'' is actually his best shot probably. The left side guy acc to google is 6' and many sources say he is 6'2-6'3'' lol and people make a big deal of his height, saying he is a towering height over everyone else etc. But am i the only one who thinks this makes him shorter? The picture is in a straight fraim without bias and they have similar size of footware, does that mean the left guy is only 5'10-5'11''? cc



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  • The guy on the left is wearing flat sneakers, the guy on the right is wearing dress shoes that give lift.

    • makes sense, the guy on the left is probably 5'10'' standing at 6' (google had him listed as 178 cm for the past 5-6 years and i noticed only about 6 months they upgraded it to 182 cm so i guess its obvious the BS that he is actually 6') and left guy the sneakers aren't flat, they seem like sport shoes and i do get an inch of an advantage even in normal sport shoes for sure. so he's probably a 5'10.5''-5'11'' standing at maybe a cm less than 6'?

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    • 6' and 5'11 are really close. He could be 6' or a little more. That's not that many inches difference.

    • ur right actually now that i think of it, i am only 176-177, but when i see a mirror and compare with my 6 feet tall friends the difference seems like very less, and 3 cm is half of that difference

  • It might have to do with the position/angle...

    lol i know both of them cause you showed me both

    • i chose this pic because of the straight angle and full body shot

    • and tbh, i think the left guy is actually no more than 6 feet because i met another celeb who is a cm or 2 taller than him and he was about 181 or 182 cm at best, 185 if i count his hair which was long and quiffed

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