If my head is too small (21''/ 54 cm, army cap size 63/4 to 67/8), what do I do?

I think people with bigger faces are more attractive and this means i can never get girls and all, i am already ugly and only 5'9'' and on top of that, there is this problem, what do i do? Sometimes i want to finish myself tbh

UPDATE, this is killing me


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  • Don't worry about it. It's not that bad of a thing. Loads of guys have small heads and nobody cares. 5'9 isn't a bad height either.

    • exactly, nobody cares, they die virgins

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    • Lol Adonis is a mythical creature who is supposed to be the epitome of male beauty, the handsomest thing ever on paper, but imagine the guy in real based on the statue, skinny but ripped, small face and body structure, he looks like rocky Balboa then lol, anyway, I think it's one of those stupid insecurities for a day or so I'll get over it eventually

    • and i actually asked a friend directly today if i had that issue and he said, not at all, just proportionate to the body and even my dad who is in indian army said 70% of the people wear the same cap size acc to the stats, apparently most indian men just generally dont have that huge natural body structure that pure caucasians do and its americans and white europeans who basically dominate sites like bodybuilding. com and all and make men like me insecure lol

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  • You might find a hairstyle that suits you.

    Have you seen Orlando Bloom with a shaved head in Black Hawk Down? His head looked slightly smallish to me, and kind of looked odd with the skinny neck.


    Then with long hair and flowery things around him, he becomes Legolas and suddenly lots of girls seem to drool over him:


    You can't really make your head any bigger, so I'd see it as a matter of style to complement what you have going.

    If it's about attracting the opposite sex, I keep repeating this but think of it as statistics. Those who think they're hopelessly going to be alone for the rest of their life usually don't go out and try. They might only ask a handful of women out on in their entire lifetime and then get discouraged and kind of give up on the idea of ever being with someone. Meanwhile, you generally don't find anyone, regardless of looks or charm, who feels this way after asking, say, 500 girls out, since typically with those numbers, one of then would say agree.

    • apparently adonis has a small head too so proportions wise if i get that skinny ripped look, i would look like adonis lol, even my face is square and chiselled like the guy in the statue (some friend told me i share a resemblence with young sylvester stallone) but it really isn't as glamorous considering my head is the size of most girls, i feel a little effeminate, even my features like orlando bloom are right in proportion and on point so it doesn't look like a small face in photos but when i measured using the tape and compared with some friend it was a wee bit small.

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    • just want to know if their faces also look marginally smaller so i can follow them lol

    • and lol, can't help looking at your pic again but i am surprised girls actually find orlando bloom attractive, he looks so much like elijah wood tbh lol