What do certain eye colours make you see in girls? And what colour is most attractive?

have you ever noticed that when a character is being described in a book, they're eye colour alludes to their traits? (Ex. Kind brown eyes, sharp green eyes, big innocent eyes). When you see a girl with a certain eye colour/shape, what do you take from that? And of course, which colour is most attractive and which is least?

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  • I think how attractive a certain eye color is has more to do with how well it goes with your other features rather than the eye color in itself. To me, normal green eyes usually look the most boring/plain (more than brown), but I met one guy with the palest green eyes I've ever seen and they just POPPED.

    I think light brown eyes look best when big and with dark skin, a nice contrast.
    I have nearly black eyes but I also have dark skin so there's not much contrast there. Eyeliner helps them pop but they would still pop much more if my skin were lighter.


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