Zayn malik vs siddharth malhotra?

Zayn malik vs siddharth malhotra?

Both are considered the best looking south Asian men. Lets see who wins

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UPDATE: Among women, zayn is winning, among men, sid is, we need more people to decide


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  • Zayn Malik is currently the sexiest Asian alive (by an official magazine)

    But I prefer Siddharth Malhotra because he is more masculine. He looks like a 'man' while Zayn gives boyish look. Zayn is like a kid.

    Sid has awesome body too :)

    • sid is 30, zayn is 22, when sid was his age, he looked like a kid too judging by his older model time pics. But sid has a higher hairline which is a plus for a man while zayn has a chiselled jaw which gives him a point, damn, its quite tough actually lol.

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    • hrithik roshan is what men would usually find more respectful than women find attractive in my opinion kind of like zyzz, he has that look of a greek god/ the guy u would see on the covers of romantic novels, its a look valued a lot in our country but going by the trend these days, doesn't seem so much in the west

    • lol look at the poll