Best way to lose weight?

i have my diet down to a t
but I've been told by my doctor that running is out of the question due to and injury with my feet so whats the best thing i can do to help lose weight with my diet,
I've lost a stone already (14pounds)
any help appreciated


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  • --Determine how many calories you have to eat to achieve your dream weight.
    --COUNT EVERY SINGLE THING YOU EAT, and stay below that number. Helpful to have a dry erase board, calculator and quick reference list on fridge for calorie amounts for foods.
    --Make sure to eat things that are filling. Eat eggs for breakfast almost every day, get low calorie but healthy bread like 80 calories slice, use table spoon measures for fats like butter - you'd be surprised how little you need.
    --Include treats everyday like pieces of hard candy, air popped popcorn 35 cal cup, warmed almond milk 30 cal cup with honey (or sugar), and nutmeg at night. Stick to half serving sizes of Breyer's or a reasonably low like 130-150 cal per serving ice cream. Don't buy things that make you weak. I stay away from caramel chocolate, but get it every now and then so i don't feel deprived.
    --Weigh yourself daily. You'll be surprised. Even if the weight loss is mostly fluids, its very motivating. To be able to lose weight in 1-2 days is an awesome feeling.

    I used to make fun of calorie diets, but they work fast. I've been up to 130 lbs, at 5'4" and was looking "chubby". I tried it in the past year and lost like 22 pounds in 3 months, down to 107 and 18 BMI. But the weight loss can be addicting, and the cravings can cause relapses if you push yourself too hard.

    Just go online and get a calculator. I use these links when planning weight loss.

    By the way. I hate exercise, and get virtually no exercise (people don't know how to have fun around here and got no active friends). I still wear a 2 in jeans and XS in tops. Just wait until you have no more clothes to wear, and you're broke. Lol.


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  • Just sounds like you need to replace a activity , you can try out swimming exercise's while recovering , you can try weight lifting , the bonus with that is the more mussel you have the more fat you burn in your down time but you will gene weight in mussel, try some other type of cardio that is easy on your feet , maybe biking.. I don't know you condition tho.

  • Honestly flailing your arms with enthusiasm can get your heart rate up. So can jogging sitting down (it might look and sound ridiculous, but try it out and you'll see what I mean. Try fastpunches while sitting, that will get your heart rate up. Works for me anyways.