What kind of nose looks good on men?

I was told by this girl have a roman nose, i googled it and mine was a bit like that. I didn't know nose actually mattered lol, but if it does, how is a guy and a girl's nose supposed to be?

UPDATE: Please answer, its for a project in school


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  • I love a big strong manly nose! Not like a wide "fat" big though. Well a nose doesn't matter to most girls whhen I tell my friends I like guys with a good nose they look weird at me :p.. It's hard to explain if I saw a picture I'd be able to tell if I liked the nose are not haha.

    • my nose looks typically italian, thin but pointy and yeah, they are justified to give u the weird look lol

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    • 5'10 isn't short ;). Well the nose thing is complicated some noses are just neutral not bad not good but when a guy has a good nose it's definitely a big plus for me :). But everyone has their preference so in the end it doesn't matter what one person finds attractive the other will not ;)!

    • Rate my nose, lmao

  • One with at least 1 nostril


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  • The kind that doesn't fall off?

    • does the nose even matter to decide how u look?

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    • I guess as long as one doesn't look like Voldemort it is not THAT important.

    • oh mine looks like adonis statue nose XD