I was wondering what you guys think about my looks? Just put http:// in front of m. imgur. com/SWaoNh2 and yeAh?

Hey guys my pic is on this link imgur. com/I2peBm5 And put http:// before it.


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  • You look alright, average.
    Also, you don't need the https:// preface in the URL by the way.

  • did you remove the pic already? can't get it to work

    • imgur. com/I2peBm5 And put https:// before that. Do you think I'm ugly and can you give me a description on my looks.

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    • Also, my hair was up and my hairs up to my chest.

    • yeah not a fan of buns.
      and well average is... average. if I'd see you on the street I wouldn't think anything special... but you have a nice smile

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  • Honey, you are beautiful. Just one word of advice, do wash your and cleanse your facial skin every night with mild cleanser and then moisturize with a good moisturizer before going to bed. It will clean up your pores and keep your skin healthy, young, and glowing... that silly boy will eat his own words!