Who is better looking among them?

All bollywood actors (with heights too):
a-Siddharth malhotra -6'
Who is better looking among them?

b-Hrithik roshan-5'10

c-Varun dhawan-5'8'

d-Ranbir kapoor (5'11'')

e-Arjun kapoor (6'0.5'' can confirm coz met him)

f-Akshay kumar (5'10-5'11'')

and damn, i can't get over how especially good hrithik looks in this pic, no homo lol.

  • Siddharth
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  • Hrithik
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  • Varun
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  • Ranbir
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  • Arjun
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  • Akshay
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This is for a project at school, please give your vote
lol its like apart from hrithik and sid no one's even competing


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What Girls Said 2

  • The second dude if he didn't have the Michael Jackson nose. O. o

    • i always thought his nose is what set him apart lol, my nose is a lot like the last guy's maybe a wee bit thinner, is that a good nose? just wondering

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    • Not those particular ones on these guys... no...

    • So which guy of the features has looks that good, I really can't think of anyone except maybe zayn malik who can compete with these guys face wise tbh

  • The first guy.

    • my mom and my sisters think he is very handsome too :)

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    • just wondering though it may sound stupid, if a guy has features like the first guy in terms of jaw, eyes etc but nose is like the last guy, so could he be potentially very attractive?

    • Yeah, he could be attractive.

What Guys Said 1

  • They all have shitty expressions...

    • lol, this is them with the best of the photographers, i chose their best photos from google tbh, if u google them and didn't know them before, u would be disappointed for all of them except the first 2 in my opinion

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    • Exactly.

      The fact that you say they have a better skin tone than the average indian (medium-brown) illustrates your slave mindset.

    • lol, i have that same skin tone too and i would definitely say its an advantage in the looks department