This guy claims 6' but dont these pics prove he is more like 5'10-5'11'' in reality?

Here is ranbir kapoor, the bollywood actor with barcelona FC players whose heights would be more reliable on the internet since they are sportsmen and they sure as hell wouldn't have had any footwear advantage since they seemed to be dressed up for practice sessions while ranbir just for the show:
a. Ranbir Kapoor with pique who is 6'3.5''
This guy claims 6' but dont these pics prove he is more like 5'10-5'11'' in reality?

b. Ranbir kapoor with david villa who is 5'9''

c. Ranbir kapoor with messi who is 5'6.5''

  • He is 5'10
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  • He is 5'11
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  • He is 6'
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and if he is 5'10-5'11 stadiometer wise, then the other indian actors are quite short since he is significantly taller than most of them
Please answer, its just a click


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  • Isn't it standard practice that every guy adds like an inch or two to his height?

    • i am 177/ 5'9.7'' and ok with it though even though it makes me a midget in my mind, but i could literally show it on my medical record wherein i was measured barefoot that i am neither exaggerating nor being modest, so not every guy

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  • does it really matter how tall he is? who the hell cares

    • what would u say he is though and yeah, its a pretty interesting discussion to pass time lol

    • i couldn't care less

    • honestly i am interested because this girl fangirls this guy a lot and told me pretty directly that i am cute too like him but because i am short (and i am 5'10 myself, 5'11'' in shoes), i cannot match upto him, she thinks he is 6'2'' so i could prove her wrong with this lol

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  • another obsession poster with pics of said obsession.

    • what would you assess his height to be though based on above data, it would take a minute to assess

  • I'm pretty sure all actors lie about their height. That, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

    • And now they have elevator shoes too, sylvester Stallone had custom made shoes throughout his career to be 5'10