Rate my Attractiveness! 1-10 ;P Opinion?

im pretty confident in my looks yet I've not had a female show interest in me irl, so im just curious what your perseption of me are! thnx x

Rate my Attractiveness! 1-10 ;P Opinion? Bed Head! ;)

only just started gym, dont judge me to hard >.< and here is a little pic to show how much i have changed sinse i was 16...
little baby photo, just look at that face...

any insight to help improve my looks, therefore intern my confidence please cratique me! ^.^

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i think this makes me a solid average! haha im actually ok with that...
Believe it or not im actually flattered with these comments and the poll, thanks guys i value your opinions... i actually came expecting the worst, i think i just worry to much. :3


Most Helpful Girl

  • You look great! Really cute face and a really nice body. And yes you've changed quite abit, but you looked cute then too :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Woa I'm hard, you're hot.. But same expression in all the damn pics xD even the kid one !!! Hahaha

    • haha thnx :3

      i know the same face, people like a smile but if im doing a fake smile for the camera i look like some awkward fart is trying to escape or something. my smile only looks good when someone unexpectedly takes the pic of me.

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  • 8/10! You look really good in that 3rd photo and very adorable as a kid :)

  • You look good. But I like how you looked when you were 16, that's the cutest and best looking of those pics ^_^

  • Looking good! Also you're body is great at the moment, please don't get overly muscular

  • You were a cute little chap

  • Not bad. but your confidence is what makes you that much better 👏

    • thnx! im usually the quiet shy guy in the corner but lately its either im finally coming out of my shell or im just not thinking straight right now! :3

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