Is this bollywood actor really that great looking?

Is this bollywood actor really that great looking?

Like girls in india and many more countries are "will bang in a heartbeat" crazy for this guy and he's dated the most gorgeous girls in india, i mean yeah, he is attractive but is he really THAT good looking?

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and tbh, i used what in my opinion were the best pics i could find of him on google without shades, if u feel there is better pic and i am trying to just bring him down, show me
is it just me or does he look a bit like harry potter, for some reason the smile reminds me of harry


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  • I personally don't find him attractive

    • indian girls could kill for him, he is like tom cruise in bollywood

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    • yeah, he is an amazing actor and all his roles involve the popular guy, the cute guy, the hot guy, the cool guy etc so makes sense

    • Then that makes sense. When a lot of girls like a guy, it seems like he has something special and then even more like him

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  • I think he is average, girls must be after his money xD

    • he comes from many generations of the main filmstar family, one of the richest families in india

    • like when i started joining the gym, my parents are like, "u can look like ranbir if u start working hard right from now" like hell no man

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  • Really? I think he's average at best. Not attractive at all.

    • in india, every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him

  • He is ugly affff. How can women like him? He's exactly what the word "ugly" means

    • he is considered the most attractive guy in india after 1-2 people and google katrina kaif and deepika padukone, he dated those 2 gorgeous women and actually cheated on deepika according to media reports

    • his dad was a superstar during his time which helped too and he comes from that family and dont know looks, but he is a marvellous actor for sure which is what should matter the most, but being fair, between 175-185 cm of height range etc is good enough to be considered attractive in india

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