I'm getting my tongue pierced and my friend had a weird reaction?

I'm getting a tongue piercing this weekend and it made me think of a (sorta) friend having an iteresting reaction to me telling him. He looked shocked and turned on when I told him. Is this a usual reaction? Also a few days after I met him we discussed Fan Fiction and he asked if it involved sex, when I told him it did occasionally he wanted his friend to leave so we could talk about it more. His friend didn't leave so we dropped it. Why did he react like this to me telling him? He has been in a serious relationship for more then 6 months.


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  • Tongue piercings were originally used to enhance the delivery of oral sex and they have retained that association in the minds of many.


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  • ... you're 15 and getting your tongue pierced? like just why?

    • It's for my 16th birthday and I like the way it looks. You have no right to judge my lifestyle choices.

    • you're right, i don't. but i like how u think ill be convinced that u think it's a lifestyle choice.
      live your life girl.