I like guys that think I look average, is that weird?

I don't like guys that think I look beautiful. I think they are lying, losers, and/or have low standards. I feel that guys that see I am average looking actually see me for who I am. And I think they are honest and probably confident.


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  • There's nothing weird about finding honesty attractive.

    • Awwww thank you so much

    • What do you think about me?

    • I think it's awesome that you seem to see right through the wrong guys and that you liked my opinion :)

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  • There's some truth to all this but only some. What I mean is the guys that might tell you you're beautiful but they are just trying to get with you, but there will be guys who genuinely think you are beautiful, you just need to be able to tell the difference (you usually can by their voice and how they say it). Take it as a compliment and not automatically peg them as losers. Have more self confidence.

  • I think its pretty bad that you're letting your self esteem issues stop you from getting along with a guy who would really like you.

    I mean if they have to be losers to find you beautiful then surely that would make every guy a loser who was willing to date you right? You might need to see a therapist or find another way to solve this issues.

  • That depends on how you look. Id have to see you to know if you are right or if you have serious self esteem issues.

    • Can't I both be right and have self esteem issue?

    • Well yes. I think just thinking that shows you may have some issue with yourself. However I am a pretty coldly logical thinker. So you may just be average and right.

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