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This is Crystal, she is 31 and left her boyfriend of 5 years to be with a 20 year old. Crystal plans on becoming a model and this is her first shoot. What do you think?rate this persons looks?

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FYI, she also kicked her long term boyfriend out of their apartment and moved the 20 year old in.
Follow her on instagram & twitter @crystalleigh 😊
especially the men reading this. She likes a dirty dm 😉


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  • "Skank and orange" this is the funniest description I've ever readπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ dude I'm dying. But it fits her so good


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  • This chick look like she the baby sun all grown up from telly tubbies.

  • Hmmm I'm not one for running people down about their looks but it's hard to become a model when your in your 30s... and even for lads mags there's a cutoff point at about 30... unless she's a supermodel like Crawford or Campbell she'd get work but afraid her only modelling job she will get is a picture in the porn mag readers wives in the midlife crisis part of it... not even a centre fold or one she's pretending to milk a cow- to old :(