I am to be found ugly by many people, but also to be found pretty (and not only by my mother). Recognizible?

Hi, I am a girl, 17 years old. I am a bubbly, extravert person, always happy. I love sports, I like to laugh, I like humor. I am not a lonely person. I actually have a lot of friends, but still, sometimes, I feel unhappy about the way I look. And that is not because I think so, it actually is because some of my friends say so (I am one of the guys, so they don't mind saying that). The weird thing is, when going on a holiday, or at least when I am away from school, guys seem to look at me, they seem to like/love me. My question is not if I am really ugly or not, because you can't see me. My question is if you ever thought of a girl as ugly, but for example, you're friends did not. Or, if you are a girl, have you ever been called ugly, although you have had or where in a relationship? I am confused, because I am told that I am ugly, but I am also told that I look average or even pretty. Maybe you recognize this, and if you do, please answer.


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  • Actually, this happens to me, haha. I get some people that think I'm really hot, and others that think I'm ugly as sin, and it seems like it's most often one extreme or the other- I've don't usually get anyone thinkin anywhere in between. Personally, I don't like the way I look either, but it's started growing on me, I guess. Maybe it's your general style or something? I know I turn some people off with my dark clothing and metal shirts and shit, so could be something along the way you dress, do your makeup/hair, etc. Hope that helps!

    • Yeah, this helped a lot, thanks! Someone that understands me, that is so nice... maybe you're right about the thing that it could also be the way I dress, my makeup, my hair... especially my hair ;) Anyhow, thank you for your respond!!

    • If that's the case, just keep doin your own thing. The longer you're out in the world, the more people you'll meet, and eventually you'll find someone that digs your shit as much as you dig theirs!

  • If a guy ever calls you ugly then he's just an asshole. I'm sure you look lovely. Don't let the opinions of other people judge you. It's your body and you'll have it for the rest of your life. Learn to love your body and maybe the right guy will come along.

  • I can't tell I don't see any pictures of you

    • I thought pictures weren´t allowed, but now I see it is... well, I can give you a link to my facebookpage if you want, but I think I look better on my pictures then in real life

    • Well I don't like fb really much and your probably saying that because you have low self confidence don't bd hard on yourself

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