Girls, Am I taking good care of my feet?

If you hate feet for whatever reason I apologize if this is a gross topic for you. For those you like feet than I guess you would like this. However Is there anything that I need to do my feet to make them look a little better or do they look really nice and well groomed. I already did my own little pedicure to them but I understand no matter how well groomed and pretty/attractive a person's feet are, for some it still won't change the fact that some people absolutely just "hate" feet.Girls, Am I taking good care of my feet?


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  • You should b a foot model

    • very good sarcasm lol

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    • Did your boyfriend say you had pretty feet before you two dated

    • No he didn't. Lol

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  • Yes, they look really good. Better than mine. Do you have a foot fetish?

    • I haven't really gotten into any foot play stuff with girl's to know if I really like it but i would say I don't have a foot fetish, although I do find well taken care of feet attractive. I would say that's why I try to take care of my feet so much

  • Man, your feet look nicer than mine.

  • I'd bet good money you have a history of wearing shoes that are too small for you.

    Specifically, I bet you've worn a lot of shoes in which yr little toe is smashed up against the inside of the shoe.

    • Ummm.. no I never worn tight shoes at all, if the shoes are tight just get a bigger size. I always make sure that there comfortable and have a least an inch of space for my toes. But other than that how do my feet look to you?

  • Yea, that's prolly the best groomed feet I've seen on here so far ;) good job!

  • Uhhhhhhh I guess you are.