Do you think facial symmetry is a key factor to beauty?

Think about exaggerated features that may look good on certain people, bigger eyes, bigger lips, etc. Personally, I don't think having a symmetrical face automatically makes the person good looking. What do you think?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Symmetry and how much they conform to a typical canon tends to be society's criteria for judging looks, but the people I found most appealing usually had some asymmetry to their face, like a beauty mark on one side, slightly asymmetrical nose, expressions they made often which weren't symmetrical (a lopsided smirk), etc.

    It's a bit different between what's ideal for fashion and photography and film and so forth and what qualities make me really drawn to a person.

    I think symmetry tends to make people quite photogenic for sure. But photogenic people aren't always the most eye-catching people for me in person, but their smooth and symmetrical looks do tend to kind of make it easy for them to be popular, a "straightforward" face.

    Oh well, I'm having a hard time describing it, but typically I like the slightly-flawed gemstone, maybe because I was more into fine arts than photography (I liked people's flaws for drawing portraits, it brings out a less generic "character"). It's all in the eye of the beholder anyway.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I guess it could help. It gives the face a clean, neat look in terms of feature placement. But there's definitely attractive people with slightly asymmetric to very asymmetric faces (although everyone is slightly asymmetric). Stella Maxwell, a VS Angel is rather asymmetric in the face.


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What Guys Said 3

  • in general terms, I guess people take it to heart.

    but I've come across so many different girls, all with different types of faces, that were all beautiful as fuck.

  • it's called the golden ratio

  • Facial symmetry is definitely ONE of the key factor in beauty but people should remember that no one has a perfect symmetrical face.. There is always a slight asymmetry...

    Facial symmetry is often if not always associated with good health and medical welfare. A healthy body usually results in good physical attractiveness. Anyway, apart from symmetry, proportions of where facial features are placed are also a factor in beauty.


What Girls Said 2

  • I have heard that symmetry makes people feel safe and therefore if we see something symmetrical we think of good which can be translated face wise to attractiviness.

  • it depends... there is beauty to both types