Are brown or dark skinned South Asian (Indian for example) males the most unattractive racial group? If not then which racial group?

Just curious because a large amount of us get absolutely no attention from girls. The ones who are either light skinned, tall, rich, or buff are the only ones who do. There are good amount of rich ones in the West so a lot of them are able to date but the guys like me who are 5'8, not rich, not buff, and brown or dark get no attention even from the South Asian girls themselves. If it weren't for arranged marriages in South Asia and in South Asian communities outside of South Asia, I wonder if majority of them would have even touched a girl in their lives. 4-5 years back when I was in India for a bit, I met dozens of guys who had never touched a girl in their lives. I've touched but never kissed or dated a girl while being raised in America. I'm done approaching girls for good because I realized how much importance they place on a guy's race and skin color. How bars are set so high for guys like us while guys of other races don't need to compensate. Some may say Asian guys but I see a lot of girls liking Asian guys. Some may also say black girls but a lot of guys like black girls. Even when questions are asked about black girls, you'll see dozens of guys answering they would date a black girl. So what do you think? Am I right? If you think there's no such thing as most unattractive racial group then check this link out wilkes888. wordpress. com/2013/02/08/my-final-blog-entry-love-you-all/ It clearly shows certain guys of certain groups like me for example (non rich, non tall, non buff brown South Asian male) have almost no chance. The guy who wrote the blog is East Asian and even though Asian guys have it tough, it's still not as bad as it is for brown and dark skinned South Asian guys. Some may say it's because of a lot of creepy guys in the community but that doesn't make much sense to me considering the light skinned South Asian guys who look kinda white have no issues attracting girls. I know this is really long but I really wanna see people's opinions on this.

Lol I'm guessing we are then. Why did I even bother to ask


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  • It could be a cultural thing. That's what happens when people allow racism to occur in the media. It becomes internalized in the people. That being said there is nothing wrong with your gorgeous skin color. If a girl doesn't like you based only on that she is just ignorant.

    • Meh. I'd have rather been white, light skinned, or black rather than a brown Indian guy. Now I don't care anymore since I've stopped approaching girls for good.

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    • It can't be true. I for one prefer men of color over white guys who are VASTLY, INCREDIBLY underrated. Many women feel that way. And damn, that poor soul. :'(

    • I don't see any women being interested in brown or dark Indian guys that aren't tall, rich, or buff. None whatsoever and I know a lot of South Asian guys in my life. Our only chances are by getting a really good job, that's why our parents pressure us to getting a really well paying job.

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  • In all honest opinion, yes and no. If you have grown up in an non western culture, guys coming from other countries are made to feel like looks are everything and girls will only date beautiful guys. That works about 5% of the time. Yes, you are a dark skinned Asian and I am sad to say that it will be harder for you to attract girls because looks make an important first impression. I am Asian, but I am hella light skinned and thats the thing that separates us, because I get a considerable amount of attention I feel bad for those that it is harder. The hard truth, most white girls will want to date white men (or a few black guys). I have never seen a white girl with anyone else besides those too. Not to worry, I would suggest hitting the gym, and pick up an instrument or hobby. Play in a jazz band or go rollerblading I don't know. Girls want guys with character because what you may lack in looks, you can make up for in personality. in my opinion i would much rather date an average girl whom I can chill easily with and who can make me laugh than a super hot one with whom we have very little in common. Not to sweat man though, always give it a shot. Confidence goes a long way


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  • My best friend who's white (blonde hair blue eyes) has dated two Indian guys, both of whom were under 5'9

    • Those Indian guys must be either light skinned, rich, or buff. Because it's impossible if they aren't.

    • If you keep being so negative, no one is going to want to date you regardless of your race. Neither of them were buff, neither were rich, and both were brown. She liked them because of their personality.

    • There has to be something about them. Are you sure they weren't rich? Maybe not rich but must have driven nice cars. It's so hard to buy this cause I've never seen it with my own eyes. And I'm done approaching girls cause I kept being rejected for 15 years straight. Plus if you have the time, read this guy's theory about girls in his blog before he killed himself

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  • For girls it doesn't matter what we look. Whatever u read it just craps for me. I don't want to propose western girls because of cheating and sex changing of a lot of guys and many more. I dated girls in India as they have light skin and I am Brown. As I am fit. It's you that who cannot find any girl so it's best to get arrange marriage like I am going to do when I get a good age. I don't want date any for now because of ma future. I have to secuture. So best of luck.

  • Yes '''''''

    • I should have done a poll lol

    • Yeah lol.. From my experience people would always tell the truth on the poll. Next time bud

    • True. No girl wants to admit things they think might sound mean. If they didn't see us as most unattractive, many would have answered by now but not even girl did.