SOME POSITIVE VIBES FOR Y'ALL :D (and here's an awkward question mark because I'm forced to have one ugh) ?

Hey guys!! I hope you all had an amazing day today!! Okay so I know that a lot of the people that come to this part of this website is somewhat insecure about their body, so here is a fun little thing to do to make us all realize how AWESOME we are!!

So here's how it works: I want you to think about one thing that you don't like about yourself (it could be your hair color, your eye shape, or whateves fam), and then I want you to put THREE other things that you totally love about yourself (it doesn't have to be a physical characteristic) :)

Here's an example:
I may not be the skinniest person, but I'm funny, strong, and smart :)

PS--Studies have shown that it takes THREE positive thoughts to cancel out ONE negative thought.

I just want you all to know that I love you and I hope that you have a fantabulous night.

Stay fabulous, my fierce angels <3


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  • we all have good, bad, and ugly. we play with the hands we are dealt. To get caught up on the bad or the ugly does not let the good come out. let the good come out. enjoy who you are for you cannot change the exterior much. If you don't like the interior, that can be change... change it with purpose.


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  • My stomach isn't the flattest, but...

    -it's still relatively flat
    -my ass is round to my bf's liking
    -my boobs are also big to his liking
    -I've been told I have pretty teeth

    Oh wait, there's 4!

    • wow overachiever, much lol XD I'm super glad that you found a whole bunch of stuff you like about yourself!! Keep up that positive attitude!! Hope you have an amazing night :)

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  • Thanks babeee.😜 You stay fab too hun!!!