Why do people say I need to be more confident?

To find a girlfriend how come they can't accept that some like me are just born ugly and no matter how confident or successful we are that won't change

Thanks for opinions


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  • Confidence can boost your attractiveness, believe it or not. But I personally like guys that are a bit insecure. I know the struggle of feeling like you're born ugly and there's nothing you can do about it and while you might not be able to change your face, you CAN change your body... any guy can get a fit body if he works out. And I'm not talking about super muscular, just fit and toned and not fat. Trust me when I say that to most girls, an attractive body is more important than an attractive face. But to me personality matters more than anything (as long as you aren't fat... because to me, that reflects how the person takes care of themselves). :)

    • https://imgur.com/QUYpquA but there's no changing this I'm I'm just ugly

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    • That's what I'm saying: try to be more confident in yourself and you'll attract more girls! There are plenty of girls who feel the exact same way though... a lot of women are insecure about themselves. I used to be as well but then I realized... I look how I look and there's no changing that, so I'll have to live with it! And I realized that even though I don't look like a 10/10 supermodel, I have a good personality. I've felt so much better ever since accepting that. :)

    • Well see I would feel somewhat good if I was able to attract at least one girl that would do wonders for my confidence. So far I haven't had any luck on dating sites or in person but also I'm just too afraid to talk to women too. I just feel I'm inferior like why would they talk to me when there's someone better looking there

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  • Think Biggie Smalls. ugliest mf alive. Dopest one too

    • OK thanks

    • I just thought back on that and remembered that biggies is not alive lol. I forgot

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  • Good question because I get the same thing said to me. I'm almost 26 and never kissed. And I lost all my desire to look for a girl. What I've doing for the last few years as a replacement is focusing on my career and other things that will be a big deal in my future. If a girl who has interest appears then maybe I will give it a try. If not, focusing on other things is the direction I'm gonna go. If my family can't accept that then I'm sorry but that's how my life is gonna be.
    Tell them that this is how things turned out for you. You are not depressed, you don't think negatively, this is just how the "Relationship" part of your life turned out. At least for now.

    • You want to end up like this dude @asker? 26.. never been kissed. Just give up? If you don't do something about it now you that will be you too. Too many men fall into the trap of self pity.

    • @nohomobrah @sovetskii13 @asker

      i got dumped yesterday and have a date scheduled for today. she definitely a little uglier, but when you wall you have to take steps to get to the top again. dont think you can just get confidence over night and when people tell you you need it say fuck off i have plenty of confidence. if your not dating etc etc lower your standards then work you way up. always have a girl on a chain cuz that what they all do. i wish dating was nice but its not its mean and torturous. you have to get mean and aggressive but come off cool and aloof. you have to be the best version of youself at all times of the day. enough of this bs it hasn't happened yet it never will. if you think it will it does. dream about it push for it and like i said if you need to lower your standards and step on some fat chicks then do it.

    • @Rufus335 well I have the lowest standards possible I'll go for any girl now

  • Hey, you're confident in the knowledge of the supposed fact that you are ugly.

    But look! Self-deprecative behavior just isn't the sexiest thing one can show off. Would you want to date a girl who tells you she thinks she's fat twice a day even though she's skinny like a board? Probably not.

    • Supposed fact I'm ugly I really am ugly have you seen my picture also I get no matches on dating sites and girls never flirt with me in person so Im sure that means I'm ugly

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    • Or that you're constantly making a creepy face.

    • I wear athletic clothing

  • Ohhh.. Booo fcking hoo.. I'm ugly.. Do something about it and stop acting like a pussy. It is indeed your confidence fgit. I have taken so much trauma to my face over the years of getting in fights.. bouncing gigs.. military.. was a wrestler.. My nose is deviated.. My jaw is asymmetrical.. I have scar tissue all over my face. I'm not exactly pretty in real life dude.

    The thing is that a man isn't judged so much on his appearance in comparison to women. Bro you need to stop acting like a fgit. I just saw your pic and you are not ugly. You just look awkward as fck.

    Start lifting and acquire a physique and start talking to women. Keep up this pussy attitude and you willl be those blue 30-35 anons trying to rationalize their virginity.

    • OK if I look awkward OK now that's something I really don't know how to change is that even possible

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    • You're acting like a pussy again dude. Stop that.

    • Dude I get no matches on dating sites and no girls flirts with me in person actually they actively avoid me whenever I'm in a certain area they will hurry up and walk away

  • "To find a girlfriend how come they can't accept that some like me are just born ugly and no matter how confident or successful we are that won't change"

    Good thing for guys, most girls don't care about looks if you got SWAG!!!

    • Which I have neither so you could say I'm cursed

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    • I have every possible thing that could be a repellent to women 1. I'm not exactly attractive 2. I'm socially awkward 3. I'm poor 4. My confidence is non existent 5. I don't drive or have a car

    • I'm not disagreeing with you.
      You're also annoying. You can add that to your long list of faults. Glad I can help.
      Take care.

  • people can change

    • Well I just have bad luck

  • The beauty lies within ya brah

    • Dude I'm 24 and never had a girlfriend and most consider me repulsive

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    • All good brah

    • So how do I just move past this not needing a girlfriend like I realize it's human nature but their has to be a way to block it from your mind