Trying to find a new hair/beard style... what do you think of this?

a week or so ago - Trying to find a new hair/beard style... what do you think of this?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You look very artistic – – I am the naked girl. Are you an artist what type? Your look has to fit your job. You are advertising. You'd never make it as a Catholic priest but as a Jewish rabbi you got a chance. Artistically you look like a photographer. But then again I've got to know what job you have or want in order to give you an absolutely positive decision on how you look. By the way in general you look handsome which is a very good starting point

    • I'm singer, avant-garde/post-rock/whatever guitar player and poet/writer (more so a poet but I haven't written any complete pieces since October - when I couldn't stand what the girl who was acting as my muse was doing - lying/manipulating & cheating).

      I do like photography but I need to reclaim my focus on just one thing 1st for awhile... also thanks for the handsome comment my self-esteem took some major hits at the end of last year so much so that I had to change my appearance.

      If you are interested in seeing my previous styles I have a question on here showing it because I wouldn't mind getting your opinion on my changes -

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    • Well right now I'm in-between 2 and 3 so whether that's better or worse... I don't know.

      I could PM you my Instagram to give you an idea of my current look which is pretty much this but a little different.

      How often do you experiment with different looks?

    • I do not experiment with different looks. Once in a while I change the length of my hair. I'm a girl I like the way I look so I keep it that way. I do not have Instagram. If you want to get in touch with me message me here.

Most Helpful Guy

  • " what do you think of this?" I think it looks good as it is right now. But if you added some hair "pomade" (to keep it shiny + intact after you've combed it) to it... it'd look even better. And ofc you'd have to keep it "even" lengthwise.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I really like your hairstyle. It looks a bit like Michiel Huisman

    • Well that's a compliment and half, thank you.

  • I think you need a diff hairstyle ! You should maybe try cutting it. Maybe go for short hair? The beard is fine.

    • both my head hair & beard were twice this length last month... but I've always felt like there is something about my face that just doesn't work for long hair.

      Any idea why that might be?

    • Have you always had long hair? cause not a lot of men look good with long hair. I've seen some guys who have their hair pushed back. Which is pretty sexy. Either try diff techniques with long hair or cut it. (:

    • Yeah, I've had long hair for majority of my life...

      It looks terrible parted in the middle at this length so the side is a better choice, I also tried pushing it all back with a new pomade that looks and holds really good BUT I think if I want to commit to the push back look it would be best if I get an inch or 2 cut off so it looks more proportionate/cleaner and keeps its shape all day.

What Guys Said 1

  • Do that but just make the hair a little cleaner by combing it. You look like a bum with how messy it is, but it has potential.

    • lol I did comb my hair, I have wavy frizzy hair... it's bitch to work with but I hate how boring I looked with short hair.

      I guess I have to keep experimenting with products/styles until I get it right