How do I lose weight and get lean muscle without it affecting my face size?

I used to be skinny once and that time my face used to look really small, on putting on a little mass it looks normal sized, i need to cut now but i am worried if i do, it would look tiny, does that really happen, will my face just become chiselled without it looking small? I am 78 kgs right now with a little over 20% body fat and ideally i should be 74.5 kgs to have that skinny ripped look with 7% body fat

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  • if you eat clean your face should slim down and remain slim.

    if you eat clean and consume the right amount of proteins whilst training your muscles then you should increase in muscle mass with minimal fat gain.

    • i dont mind if my face gets smaller but my body gets proportionally smaller too, probably is i have naturally wide shoulders with all other ectomorphic traits

    • it could be your genetics, in this case, I would highly recommend you consult with a professional nutritionist and physical trainer to form a strategy that will be tailored best for your body and your goals.

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