Girls, Body alone would you bang?

Of course personailty is much more important but on a physical level would my body turn you on or off sexually. I am no hulk but quite content with my body but interested in what the oppostie sex are thinking
[IMG]https://i66. tinypic. com/2hwmtlz. jpg[/IMG]

[IMG]https://i64. tinypic. com/e6zo6v. jpg[/IMG]

  • Sexy Body (Please State Why)
    56% (5)
  • Not My Body Type (Please State Why)
    44% (4)
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  • [IMG]https://i66. tinypic. com/2hwmtlz. jpg[/IMG]

    [IMG]https://i64. tinypic. com/e6zo6v. jpg[/IMG]

    That's what I see

    • Sorry take the img out of the links

      https://i66. tinypic. com/2hwmtlz. jpg
      https://i64. tinypic. com/e6zo6v. jpg

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  • No links are showing pics.

    • <a target="_blank" class="media-link jpg" rel="nofollow">https://i66. tinypic. com/2yzj3o3. jpgvps0. jpg" rel="nofollow">https://i63. tinypic. com/33kvps0. jpg5638. jpg" rel="nofollow">https://i64. tinypic. com/2aj5638. jpg
      https://i63. tinypic. com/33kvps0. jpg
      https://i66. tinypic. com/2yzj3o3. jpg
      https://i64. tinypic. com/ajxkd0. jpg

      Be totally honest good or bad just want to know where I stand in terms attractiveness of my body

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    • You don't NEED to. You look great now. But more defined abs are always sexy.

    • Thanks for all your feedback Bliss-Taylor

  • yeah I would

    • Thanks for your answer anonymous. May I ask why you gave the answer you did?

    • I just would ;)

  • I said sexy, because ur tore is nicely toned, not too much or too little.

    • Thank you for answering anonymous. I can ask what you mean by toned? and do you think I need more muscle/size in general

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    • I appreciate your feedback

    • Not a problem :)

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