Why can't I get many dates?

People always assume I'm getting laid all the time. I've been told my whole life from my younger sisters friends, women my age and older women that I'm very attractive. Even model worthy. But I can't seem to actually get dates and if I do. They end quick though. Girls what are some ways I could do better with you? Usually I get laid every now and then. But I can't pick up signals which is important for progression in a relationship. Non verbal q's. sadly enough even being complimented a lot I have a shittt self image which I think is the end result. I sometimes think women don't see past my physical traits "six pack abs and lean muscular body" Why can't I get many dates?

because after a few times of having sex. They leave and either go back to their exes or say they used me for sex. "Not the worst problem you can have" I have a big heart and. Genuine personality with a good sense of humor o would say. and I feel like my looks either make them insecure or people assume I'm an arrogant asshole. Both are not valuable on the dating scene. This was very long I apologize. Here's just a few pics. Since some of you are probably wondering.

  • Are they just only interested in sex
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  • maybe unapproachable
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  • my insecurity about self image vibe
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  • my looks make women insecure about their own
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For the record I don't like short flings. I want something real. I guess better dating skills


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  • You have established that you are in fact attractive and by the way your smile is really fabulous. Maybe you are just a little introverted, that's alright though a lot of people are. Extroverted personalities can be more commonly associated with attractive people. I'm sure it would just take a little while for girls to get to know the real you! Dont stress it, you will definitely find someone:)


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  • Gee wizz man, you many it sound like you are supposed to date and screw every girl you see or something. You're only 21, I think you have the time.

    • ... you MAKE it sound like...*

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    • it's late got to go sleep, lol

    • Sleep well my friend haha

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  • Im not sure why women haven't approached you! You have a gorgeous smile, looks awesome in glasses ;-) and look as if you have a fun goofy personality

  • You look attractive. Maybe women are scared to approach you because of rejection. That's weird that you can not get a date. You are not ugly at all

    • Thank you. :) But yeah I've never really been unsuccessful. When I do have a rising opportunity. But I just turned 21 I went bar hopping last night. I don't think any women gave me a glance or at least that I notice. The rrason I don't get dates is because none of the signals are there. Kinda non existent

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