Did you know black people can tan? like they turn more golden and I think it looks better on them too?

they get glowy

hey suck a cactus to those who reported this question. the 2 of you who did it. this ain't racist.


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  • Haha, yeah, one of my best fitness-girl friends is black and she hits the tanning beds harder than I do, before competitions.

    The tanning beds.

    • lmfao. now thats not expected.

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    • Really, give one of those a shot.

      And, earplugs and sleep mask. Don't even THINK of nodding off without these, especially the earplugs.
      Mb even earplugs with over-the-ear headphones on top of them, if you sleep on yr back.

    • haha. i heard its taking 5 times the recommended dose might work.

      a bj while i smoke a joint will do.

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  • I know a black girl - Quite rare in Ireland but we went away as a group on a sun holiday and she overdid in the sun probably getting a form of heatstroke - I remember thinking that it was funny because it never dawned on me black people could get affected by the sun so I understand the question.

  • I have more of lighter skin tone and I prefer not to look like scar tire...πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚