Girls would you consider me attractive? Would you date a guy who looked like me?

I'll keep it brief, I'm self conscious of how I look because I lost my hair at 18 to a scalp issue, so NOTE I cannot grow hair, it's mostly gone on top and I shave the thin stuff that's left, I worry as I have high standards on a girls looks and admit physicality is a must so please just be honest, I really just want to know where I stand, I put a poll but would appreciate responses as well. Would no hair bother you?Girls would you consider me attractive? Would you date a guy who looked like me?

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  • I do not find you attractive, and wouldn't be interested sorry
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  • While you don't look bad, I really can't get past the fact you've lost your hair
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  • I find you attractive and would date a guy who looked like you, I wouldn't mind the no hair.
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Well this is interesting
This really does suck, you know girls a guy can do nothing about his hair, yet so many are saying that alone is a deal breaker, I still would die alone before accepting a girl who wasn't very slender and didn't have a very attractive face. I guess I can be shameless now in not being attracted to pudgy girls as that at least something can be done about unlike hairloss.


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  • You are attractive, even very extra attractive, but you will draw more attention, so its both good or bad ( depending on you ) meaning that many girls think and wonder how will others view their boyfriend. ( and we often care about this more than how we view him lol )
    so... you just need to project a strong confidence and you'll pick and chose, and you'll find that having no hair is a big advantage, and very few men can draw attention like you

    its not just your lack of hair, you have kinda beautiful eyes and fine bone structure, you will always draw attention and mostly in a good way.

    in any case, having no hair for a man is never ugly or bad in a direct way, what is ugly is when a man is balding and starts to turn all insecure and his preception gets warped, he starts to do strange things with his hair... when he should just cut it very short or shave it and love how easy and simple and clean it is.. and women respond because its the truth and the guy knows it too

    but very few men will believe at heart into this type of advice, they just get down and feel like its a negative, its very hard to understand, but that attitude they adopt is whats ugly and its nothing at all to do with them.

    If you were a vegan, and have a kind heart and seem happy, you'd be one of my most ideal picks based on looks.. and im being very honest, and if you had hair, you'd fall back into the average category and would lack that sexy draw which you do have now.

    just be your best, be happy, you have no disadvantage at all, you have an advantage and you'll see that for sure by the quality of women you attract... espically when you're older... young age really works against a guy ^^ but that will pass :)


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  • I've noticed that the bald look usually works best for slightly muscular/muscular guys so maybe if you work on that you can pull it off.

    • You're saying that I don't pull it off or that it's unattractive?

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    • So you don't think I pull it off? I really am curious you don't have to bitchy about it-I probably wouldn't find you attractive so we are events I would never date a girl who wasn't at least 7 looks wise.

      And no they didn't lie, this wasn't family etc, there were girls who really liked me and tried talking to me but they were 5's and 6's one was better but she had a boyfriend. Also this is just random people at parties as well sometimes too people who have no bias,

      But what about my lack oh hair puts you off? My face? That I'm white with no hair? Slender? Because honestly I am toned and can do nothing to gain mass,

    • I've never been afraid of the truth, as I say I wouldn't ever even consider dating a girl who wasn't at least a 7 looks wise, skinny, pretty face etc, but for all your honesty you never gave what about me fails the bald look.

  • U look fine

    • Which did you vote? Out of curiousity?

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    • You seem to be the only one thinking so

    • Well I don't know why I mean u r attractive and idc if u have hair or don't

  • Don't worry about looks. If a girl truly loves you she won't care. its whats about on the inside. besides think of it this way.. If you had really good looks a girl might just use you or get caught up in lust but if a girl really likes you then she's going to date you. So basically its just an easy shortcut to finding the one thats meant for you. Good luck :)

    • Any girl worthy would see past that. Those who judge you for it are materialistic. You should expect better than them.

  • You look like a bald chick. The first picture you look like a tranny. I would have thought that you were lesbian or tranny (I don't do lesbian obviously I'm straight) also you are not my type but you could be other girls type. The bald look fits you because you seem pretty skinny. I do recommend some hair on you (you would look a lot better) your face personally doesn't fit the bald look. Some people can rock it and some can't and you're a part of who can't. Sorry :/ I'm sure a lot of girls might be into you but you're just not my type.

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    Stop asking this already...

    • Report it or not I don't care, I can't help I don't have hair, you can't help you seem to be a bitch, we're square. Moderators decide what question gets what attention anyway, so it's all a load of garbage on this site,

  • Nope. Would not date

    • Why not? Care to give explanation to answer?

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    • Huh, whatever your opinion won't keep me up at night, you probably wouldn't live up to my standards either so we're good.

    • Hehe okay then 😂😂😂

  • If we are going on pure looks here - I probably would not be interested unless you had a ball cap on. On the plus side, you kind of have that Moby thing going on which is hot. You dress nice, which is a plus

    • So why didn't you vote no then? Also what is it about me that turns you off the bald head? Do most girls feel that way? I'm curious as to me the lowest attractive girl I'd date would be a 7, so I want to know what I face.

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    • You didn't really answer the question, I get if I had perfect hair it would be better, but you make it sound like if a guy is bald it detracts so much for his looks he cannot be considered physically attractive, you mean to say that no matter how well a guy pulls it off (like many say I rock no hair) he cannot be consider a 7-8 looking guy, or that he can't afford to have high standards on girls looks,

      I understand it's against preference but you make it sound like its a deal breaker for most attractive girls. Also you mean to say that even though I pull it off, bald takes away so much I go from attractive to unattractive without it?

    • Which did you vote by the way? I hope you didn't vote yes as that would sully the data a bit

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