Girls, Girls help please would my body be considered attractive?

Hey girls just want some feedback from the fairer sex on my body. Be totally honest and would appreciate if you could share any good or bad feedback on where my body is currently at and whether you would be sexually attracted to me physically

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  • You look good from the front, but you might want to work on your back a little. Don't worry though. Girls don't tend to be as concerned about a guy's body as guys tend to be about a girl's and usually aren't overparticularly as long as you don't look fat or sickly.

    • Thank you for your answer Almostragan. Can I ask what type of body type would you say I had

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    • thanks for detailed answer

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Not my type

    • Thank you for your answer Oxi. Can I ask what you mean by not your type if you wouldn't mind?

  • Average, I think. I prefer more toned abs/chest.

    • Thanks for your answer

  • You seem to be on the muscular side, I bet most girls will find you attractive :)

    • Thank you for your answer