What is the cutest evidence for evolution?

Ring tailed Cat
What is the cutest evidence for evolution?

A common argument put fourth by creationists is that animals only give birth after their own kind and that we don't see cats evovling into dogs. Of course this wouldn't happen but cats and dogs both belong to the order carnivora which has two main branches: the caniform (dog) and feliform (cat) branch. Both of these lineages came from miacis, a curious animal that lived 50 million years ago that closely resembled the modern ring tialed cat (which is actually a raccoon) which is actually the most conserved caniform and bears a resemblace to some of the more conserved canids like foxes. Some of the more conserved feliforms are the genets which bare a startling resemblance to the ring tailed cat and to domestic cats.

Tiktaalike is a prehistoric species of tetrapodomorph lobe finned fish that has started to develop the diagnostic traits of tetrapods like a more distinct tail, longer limbs and a more mobile neck.


To all who say that there are no animals in the fossil record that are in a transitional state between the land and the sea, THIS IS NOT A FINISHED PRODUCT!!!

Ducklings and Chicks
According to the concept: ontogeny recopitulates phylogeny, if two organisms are related, the earlier you look into their various stages of development, the more they will resemble each other. Ducks and Chickens each belong to two distinct branches in the clade galloanserae which is commonly reffred to as "foul". Even though the adults might not appear very similar, the young chicks bear a striking resemblance to one another.

Bobtail Squid

The cephalopods are devided into two maor groups: the decapodiforms (squid branch) and the octopodiforms (the octopus branch). The bobtail squid is a decapodiform but because it is both early divergent and morphologically conserved, it still bears a resemblance to an octopus.

Hoatzin Chick
The hoatzin chicks charecteristic claws on it's wings first indicated that birds still maintain the genes to develop claws on the wing. Further genetic research has shown that birds still also have the genes for teeth and a long tail, they're just switched off. Which is very strong evidence that they evolved from (and still are) therapod dinosaurs

Greenish warbler

The greenish warbler is known as a ring species. It originalls came from the foothills of the himalays and since traveled to the northeast and northwest into central Asia and China. Those again spread north in Western and Eastern Siberia. The West siberian ones can intebrede with the ones in C. Asia, the ones in central Asia can interbreed with those in the Himalayas, those in the Himalays can interbreed with those in China and those in China can interbreed with those in Eastern Siberia. But where there ranges overlap, the west and east Siberian subspecies can't interbreed, showing how animals can become reproductivley isolated (speciate/macroevolve) over a geographic reference as opposed to a chronological one.

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  • Man, this is excellent. That bobtail squid is beautiful. Some amazing examples here.

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