Why are my lips turning dark?

I just noticed that my lips are starting to get dark, I'm not a smoker.


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  • Um.

    Lip balms and Vaseline won't work, even if you keep applying then every single day. The black is from dead skin cells. I recommend using a lip scrub. You can search online for homemade lip scrubs or you can buy it.

    The honey and oil are for moisturizing, and the salt is the part that is abraisive that will get those dead skin cells off. If the salt is too rough, you can use sugar instead. Just rub it onto your lips for a few minutes and then rinse off.

    If you lips get red and are a bit plumped up, that is only natural and that is supposed to happen because rubbing increases the blood flow in your lips, and yes it does go away in a few minutes.


    • Thank you, i will try that.

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    • I am sure your lips look great anyway.

    • They do thanks.

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