Do you think she's ugly?

Do you think she's ugly?

A person said she was fat and ugly but do you agree?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • She has nice hair and you guys are being jerks - how would you feel if your little sister ended up on that site?

    Seriously, get a life. You may be joking but how do you think she feels about these jokes?

    I hope she's a strong person because looks like she'll need it to deal with crap like this. This is one reason I was afraid to post my pic back in the day.


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  • I don't see how saying she's not beautiful is rude in any matter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and personally I don't see it, i'm not offending her. She may be gorgeous on the inside, which is far more important if you ask me. So I personally think she's not very attractive, and yes she is overweight. I don't think she needs to fix herself though. Thats how she looks and if she wishes to maintain her weight (which doesn't seem to be a healthy one), its her business and her choice. And i'm not going to be a person to say "she looks like a great person" because you can't look like a great person, its a big fat stereotype less attractive people are nicer. Hopefully, she has a wonderful personality, as do I hope for everyone else.

  • Is this photo from the 1980's? She looks like a nice person but not physically alluring. I would try to help give her a makeover and get her into some fitness, bring her look to the modern age some more.

  • we re gonna be honest here right?
    she s fat yes... very much
    hair sucks
    glasses sucks
    clothing style SUCKS
    fix all that and she ll be decent again

  • Her looks can be improved with a makeover ( professionally done)

  • Ew, yes.

    She is.


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