What nationality am I , based on my picture?

What nationality am i , based on my picture?


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  • Turkish probably?

    What's up with that username though? You be spying on people? LOL.

    • Got hacked many times when i was a kid, in real life i also did spying on a girl when she was getting ready to go to bed or in the morning. But not i'm not Turkish

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    • I wouldn't be surprised if you got horny over watching some chick undress. It's kind of odd just spying on people like that though, to be honest. And I don't know what she was thinking undressing while the window was open.

    • Well it was long time ago and i just moved there when i was 18 to live on my own for couple of months so when i had to stand up early to go to job i saw it few times got me really hard bro.


  • I guess Latin America?

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