What exactly is manscaping?

What is meant by manscaping?

What's exactly the difference between shaving and trimming body hair , I mean in terms of the end result. And how to trim esp if the hairs are coarse , thick dense.

What's seen as more hot and appealing shaved male body or trimmed?


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  • Most women like trimmed from opinions I've heard. Some women don't like completely shaved as it make "them seem like little boys" Some women love it though. Manscaping is exactly that, shaving or trimming as opposed to all natural. With shaving, it's a bit uncomfortable while the hairs are growing back. Itchy. You can get an electric body hair trimmer, it works well, they have attachments so the blades don't get too close. Or just use scissors, take your time and be careful obviously.

    • Use electric trimmer with zero guard setting and closely trim it , its also trimming?
      It still gets stubbly and prickly to touch :/

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