Am I too ugly to get a girl?

I know i'm not good looking, but i think i'm just above average. Problem is girls dont seem to like me. Some of them avoid me and dont even look at me when i talk to them at school or work. I think i have a good personality because i seem to get along with people and I've even been described as " easy going " " nice" by others. So I don't know if my looks is what is causing for girls to not be attracted to them.


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  • It could be many other factors besides just your looks.

    I think there has been a consensus that by being too nice to them would only make them only be a regular friend to you or allow them to just walk all over you. They wouldn't feel attract to you as someone that would be more than just your friend.

    Then again, why even worry and think so much about why they don't seem to like you?

    Only do what you have control over. If you think you are ugly then would you consider going the route of changing your appearance by any means necessary such as through plastic surgery and stuff? I really don't think so.

    But what you can do is that you still can change your grooming, such get a haircut, maybe a new and more interesting and better hairstyle, shave. You can try to wear better clothes and learn a thing or two about fashion and what makes you look best when you wear what outfit and shoes, etc. That and hygiene, and the attitude and confidence, this is all required adjustments and a learning as long as you still feel it is worth your time, energy and effort.

    Otherwise, do nothing, or keep on doing the same exact things even when you are still seeing the SAME EXACT RESULTS, or simply JUST QUIT. But, it's really on you in the end to decide.


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  • I think u are cute... maybe change your look a little? like a bit more clean shaven?

    • What he really needs is confidence in himself. Changing his looks will do nothing, if he has the confidence level of a clam.

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    • Confidence from external source is easily destroyed. Confidence based upon personal assets is stronger.

      Basically, am 165 cm tall. Do I get women swooning over me? No. I am confident to know that I am the best at what I do... Professional and sexually. Just because I am 5'4" doesn't mean I don't have an Anaconda, and know how to use it. Doesn't mean that I make my money honestly by being the best at what I do.

      So if a chick gives me an awkward eye, I show her how wrong she is, by my actions. I'm not the most attractive guy, and I know it. I give no fucks. I have a woman I am considering right now, that thinks I am the best man in the world. My hangup is that I think being in a relationship with her, is pointless. But she likes my confidence and my intelligence level. She doesn't care that I am not that attractive.

    • Furthermore, she doesn't care about my money.

      If she can convince me that a relationship with her can be merited, I may give her a chance.

      By the way, she is a 9. I am probably a 6.

  • Your confidence is zero

    • I think i'm confident enough to talk to girls, but I don't know i have no luck...

    • Luck has nothing to do with anything. You make your own fortune by your own effort. "Enough confidence" is never enough. There is no set limit of confidence that is measurable. This here is a slippery slope fallacy.

      You think you have enough, until you find that your confidence is not enough, and you blame immutable circumstances, and say you have bad luck, as if circumstances are out of your control.

      Ugly dudes get pretty women. Fat old people get young attractive women.

      What do they have that you lack? Confidence to the point of being nearly arrogant. Hell, women don't like short guys. I am 165 cm tall (about 5'4"). Do I cry in my beer, because women don't like short guys?

      Hell no!

      I use my confidence and shoe them I am not scared.

      You show fear, when you lack confidence.

      Fear to a woman, means weakness. Weakness is unwanted. They want strong men.

  • U could totally get one. Just try hookups or friends with benefits first... the girls will talk to U @ parties.

    • That's never a good idea, if you want someone who is of value. Hook up culture is the disease of society.

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • You're not ugly

  • Your average, you will find a girl but not a cute one

  • If that's your pic, I think you're really cute. You prob have self esteem issues...

  • not my type but i am sure someone will like you.

  • You're not good looking at all...

    • nice to say that about someone isn't it? u insecure brah?

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    • Hah! You are the one devoid of logic, little girl.

      Most of my peers say that I am on "Spock level logic". What you call logic is a subjective tryst with very little objectivity. Actually NO objectivity.

      Speak to me again, when you have finally left mommy and daddy, and you spent 20 years in the world, and know the ways of the world.

      You barely are removed from diapers!

      My security is solid. I make a 6 figure income. I am one of the top rated people in my profession. I have advanced degrees. What have you done in your life? Post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. Look it up. That is what you are doing.

      He didn't ask if you think he was ugly. He didn't ask, "do teenage girls who still live home with mommy and daddy think I am attractive?"...

      So your opinion is void. Your reason is illogical, and your position is paltry.

      You haven't a leg to stand.

    • @696remnant When men with decomposing brain start using my age and (most likely false) bragging rights about himself to win a conversation, that is when you know you have severely damaged his ego.
      Where I live, who I live with, and how old I am is pretty irrelevant, he asked if he was too ugly to get a girl, and by saying he wasn't good looking, I answered his question. If he can't handle the answer, he shouldn't ask the question.

      This is logic my friend, Google it.

      That is, if a 36 year old like yourself knows how to properly use Google.

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  • If you think so, you are.

    What to do?

    Plenty... Let's open up, "Build a Motherf*cker workshop"...

    What do you think you need to improve upon?

    My opinion, you need to first, work on that shitty self esteem.

    • Okay, here is another thing...

      Heidi Klum married Seal. Seal is a FUGLY Motherf*cker...

      How do ugly motherf*ckers get girls (8's, 9's, and 10's)? Confidence.

    • Also, drop the nice guy bullshit.

      Women are subconsciously wired to ignore that. Nice is too general. You're boring.

      Brothers are nice. Female friends are (sometimes) nice. Daddy is nice.

      Unless she is into some lesbian, or incestuous stuff, I would forget about making my defining characteristic "nice".

      Women like excitement. Their lives are boring enough. Now here comes your boring ass. What? If she is too bored, she may date you, to kill time.

      Here is the deal: don't be an ass hole. But don't be Mr goody two shoes, mangina simp. Bored panties stay on, excited panties get too wet to stay on.

      Be exciting. Do exciting things. Don't be reckless though.

  • Dude... I walked with my girlfriend through the city at night. We waited at the traffic light. I heard to dudes: How does this ugly fuck get such a girl? I could not hear the other one.. maybe he said "money".

    Please girls correct me if I am wrong: Girls look more at your character and your spirit at your look - and they are damn good at this.

    Sure.. if the book cover sucks the chances are lower that you read that book. But if you read the book and its good: you dont care about the cover that much.

    Just hit the shower. Groom yourself. Take care of your teeth and get the girls :)

    • sorry for the typos.. where is my scotch...

    • ppretty much sums it up. grooming hygeine and a decent set of threads. beyond that it's up to ur character (as u stated)

  • Oh man, you seem to have described me here! Only difference is, you at least try, while I don't even make an attempt! :P

    All I can say is, just keep at it. You're not bad looking. Not at all! :)

    • Another difference though, I actually feel attractive but lack confidence.

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    • @696remnant

      For your kind information, English is NOT my primary language, and I can't catch subtle or hidden messages. Things need to be spelled out clearly and directly for me. No, I'm not blind. My vision is perfect, thank you. It's just that I often have a bit of difficulty understanding the subtleties and inner meanings of what native English speakers say.

    • By "Are you blind", I am implying, "Don't you get it?", or "Do you not understand"?

      Not literal blindness. I speak English and French because I am Creole. So, I speak both natively.

      Either the case, All I am saying to you is that what you say, only makes you look bad, and invalidates your opinion.

  • 1. Low confidence
    2. No game. I am sure your game sucks and that is more significant than your looks.

    Which girl would go for a guy who's good looking and well mannered and confident but boring/non-charming? You wouldn't be able to push it to the next level.

  • Hey man, it's NOT your looks!! Maybe you're just shy and overthinking it? You might be picking the wrong moment to talk to them and it comes off like they don't want to talk!

  • Here:
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    by the way, he has a kid with Heidi Klum.

  • Not at all. I see guys not as good as u with girls. My advice is to just look for a girl who is willing to date u for how u look.

  • No you are not Ugly