What makes a person Good looking and desirable?

Good looks... what are good looks and why are some people more attractive and appealing than others? I kept thinking about that question , for me personally ( and most guys i know ) Olive-Fair skinned girls seem to be the most attractive, while women go for Olive-tan guys and find them to be more appealing...

Now what makes a face attractive? is it the eye color? hair color? hair style? I've seen Blondes, Redheads, Brunettes, Black haired girls... etc and they had blue, green, brown, gray... etc eyes and tbh some were attractive some not so much despite having fair skin, nice blue eyes and long soft bonde hair... then i realized what makes a person attractive, Facial bone structure, yes your facial bone structure determines how good looking you are and the other feautres just boost your overall looks , so what do you think?


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  • this is very relative and subjective.
    even one person can like different things. Hey, you like what you like no need to over analyse it

    • this is not subjective at all in fact iam being clearly objective not subjective iam saying that facial bone structure is what makes you good looking or not

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    • yes you re either pretty or not but the reasons as to why you are varies lol :P
      my friend likes blond guys
      I like both. where do you live btw?
      and by facial structure I meant people can like various things: round face, oval face, heart shape, squarish.
      some people like symmetry others not
      etc etc etc

    • As I said exceptions exist i know guys who like black girl even though most guys i know dont really like dark skin that much , what i meant is your face, the symmetry of your face and how its build , if you read the first guys comment you will know what i mean

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  • -Symmetry of facial features
    -Correct proportions of facial features, such as the width of one of your eyes is supposed to equal the width of the space between your eyes (that's just one example)
    -Lack of irregularities
    -Bone structure (depends on gender and other features though)

    • yes pretty much what i meant by bone structure

  • Nothing