What do you think of this physique?

Guys name is Frank Zane. I think he was only like 185lbs.. Honestly built a body of the greek gods.What do you think of this physique?

  • Amazing.. Admiring aesthetics.. Sexy as hell
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  • Amazing.. Admiring aesthetics but I'm not attracted to his body.. too much
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  • Not admiring his aesthetics at all
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  • All not miring guys be jealous AF , all not miring girls be virgins AF


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What Girls Said 3

  • He looks like he'd feel like a rock covered in skin lol

  • Not attractive at all

  • Amazing but too much


What Guys Said 8

  • the pictures make him look cut like a diamond and that freaks girls out, but if a guy was built like a greek god, I'm pretty damn sure all these gag girls (even the below avg anime sloots) would die if he approached them lol

    first there's the photo editing, second there's the photo/competition-ready physique. Fitness guys like this of course aren't this chiseled up year round, but no one outside of fitness knows that lol and it freaks them out

    • Any Sloot would open her legs for him 4sho even if they say they not miring. Dem hypocrites.

    • @takumii ya they just don't understand how it world from pics to IRL. It's like these basement dweller guys that say Instagram hottie looks fake in filters pics, but IRL they would die if the IG model talked to them lol

  • Lmao stfu fgit, u really asking people to rate him on here? This nerdyass site out of any of em? Lol negged

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  • I will add to the list

    Michael Matthews ( who's physique is what I strive for )

    cdn. muscleforlife. com/.../mike-current-new-3. jpg

    • And Jack Lalanne and is got like physique and strength.

      41. media. tumblr. com/.../...0ey24Z1rveog1o3_400. jpg

    • dont follow his youtube channel. its all bs to market his products, but he's still a good role model

    • @Rufus335 Who Michael? I've been watching and reading his stuff for years I also use his products which are actually some of the better stuff on the market to be honest. And the reason he does that is because he's not just some fitness guy with a youtube channel like a lot of these guys are he's also a businessmen who owns a company.

      But it doesn't matter all that much I don't watch his channel that much, his website and books are what I read it's where the real info is but he does have a ton of his stuff where he never mentions his products at all so just saying *shrugs*

  • Its a good one but many take roids to get like that

    • Lol well don't discredit his physique because of roids.. very few people in this world can acquire a physique that looks like that.

    • I know It takes years of hard work to look like that.

  • frank zane took steriods for about 15 years

    • No dude, he was a completely vegan, natty, non-GMO bodybuilder. I think he just ate pumpkin seeds for his primary protein source. He didn't dabble in drugs like creatine, no way.

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    • @ConsultantIsBack yeah... I personally don't love the ratio of his front delts and upper pecs to the rest of his upper body -- it's kinda like someone made one of those flip-books. Like, he'd look sexier if he actually lost a bit of lean mass in those areas (since thickening his waist/obliques probably isn't an option).

      But, yeah, that wouldn't be a smart goal in terms of competitions.

  • Well, if you want to go inject yourself in the ass with mass amounts of roids and go mentally ill, go ahead

  • Too much

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