Dont these guys have the same facial features with diff skin colours?

Then why is it one of them is considered ugly and the other one of the handsomest men in south asia and a top male model?
Nawazzudin Siddiqui:
Dont these guys have the same facial features with diff skin colours?

Fawad khan:

Are we just shallow about skin colour? Or does it mean the first guy has more potentiL than he thought so?

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Comment please
I like both of them but i would like to know in terms of looks, what genetic advantage does fawad have over nawazzudin except height (former is 5''5". Latter is 5'10). Also people say he is better looking than this bollywood actor siddharth malhotra, google him the guy is a 10/10, so i would like to know how perceptions are made


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  • Girls here don't find either of them attractive since they're Indian. That's why none of the girls answered.

    • Ifi used siddharth malhotra, hrithik roshan or john abraham, i am pretty sure the respone would be diff

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    • Its a lot worse being called ugly than being ignored

    • That's the thing. They must have not answered because they find me really ugly. I'm open to honest answers rather than no answers.

  • So who is the ugly one?

    • The first one lol second is a supermodel

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    • I am surprised, on the stadiometer my height is always between 177. 5-179 to be very truthful and i feel bad about being short because everyone is know is 183-200 cm and this is in south asia

    • Hm I would definitely switch with you then :p

  • Both ugly

    • The second one is famous only for his looks no kidding

    • One girl herr described him as a mkre good looking version of tom cruise