Girls, Could somebody rate me/tell me his opinion? From 1-10?

Girls, Could somebody rate me/tell me his opinion?From 1-10?


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  • you have a cute nose :P
    wish I could see your face though not profile so I can see the eyes.
    anw you re looking good I guess

    • Thank you :), I might upload a new one in time, you see I have AMC, it is a physical condition (google it if you'd like), and I am a bit insecure cause my jaw is a bit asymmetrical, through most people that know me say they don't see anything. Thank you for your time answering your question

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    • alright I sure will ^^ thanks for the advice :)
      and fyi we are all unstable peeps always reaching out for new horizons/ends :)

    • And we always shold be :)...

  • im not gonna lie. i'll give a 5