Kpop girl series #2: How beautiful do you think this woman is and do you know her?

Since I have gotten some positive feedback on the first question I'll continue on this epic adventure ^.^ The idea is to show some of the best looking girls/women in Kpop and get the mostly western reaction. We can see different preferences beauty standards etc. Just for fun.

Kpop girl series #2: How beautiful do you think this woman is and do you know her ?

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  • You are posting videos with her and expect to don't see her name? 😂
    Yeah, Hyuna is very sexy. ❤

    • Ehm the do you know he part, was not the main part and people were honest and said If they knew her or not so no big deal.

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  • Hyuna! She's a babe. Especially in the lipstick music video. Hyuna is probably one of the hottest girls in kpop. Her and Nana from after school :D


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  • She's quite cute but I've been to South Korea. You find girls like this on the street, saturated by them every day.

    Not all of them naturally look like this either. It's a common tradition there for families to save to get their daughters plastic surgery, like this (all girls with plastic surgery):

    So S. Korea tends to have a boatload of women that look like this, so I'd give her a 7 or so just given S. Korea standards where you see women like this everywhere.

    • Like average Korean girl:

      There are definitely worse-looking girls than this, but especially in urban and fashionable areas, this might actually be in an average range for a young woman.

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    • Swiss girls seem pretty amazing too though, no? I don't know what it's like walking the streets there, the average girl, since I've only seen photos. But I see all these pictures of blonde-haired blue-eyed girls. That's exotic to me since I've spent the majority of my life in Japan.

    • Nah I wouldn't say they're amazing at all :). I'm not saying there's no good looking girls but I think the average is pretty low.

  • First that I have heard of her - I would say very attractive but I am not sure about the western look - I think I would prefer a more Asian look

  • I don't know her but she's real pretty nice thread

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  • Dunno who she is but I would

  • She pretty hott

  • The most beautiful girl I ever saw was a hooker in Seoul.