How do I stop feeling insecure about myself around other girls?

So I come across as SUPER secure when in reality I get a bit insecure.. Especially around other girls. I get jealous.. Fuck I was just on here and a chick asked a rate me question saying she was super insecure. She was freaking gorgeus. Made me feel ugly.


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  • Start exercising. It really helps your self esteem. It's a natural high. Same with eating right (focusing on fruits and veg) it makes you feel good about yourself living clean and it also has the added bonus of getting you healthy and in show which only further your positive self esteem

    • Do you think eating unhealthy lowers self esteem? Do you get the same high from working at a busy restaurant all day?

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    • The first question is a sounding yes, the second question is the no with further explanation

    • Thanks!!

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  • Those are just attention seekers 99% of the time. They know they're gorgeous.

    • its annoying tho

    • It is! 9 times out of 10 when you open an "I'm ugly" post it's a hot girl caked in make up posing as hard as she can. Lol like if you want honest opinions if your ugly, take the make up off, stop taking high angles with obvious cleavage slipped in there. Foreheads cropped out and boobs are in the picture hahah

    • lol soo true

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  • I don't think u can abolish insecurity. And some insecurity is good for u as it may give u a reality check and keep u humble as no one is exempt frm needing to be humble.

    Work out eat well and be your best

  • Girls smh lol


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