Let's lay it all out on the line here. Ladies, what are you hiding?

What kinds of things are you trying to cover up with make-up?
Do you let your hair down in the front to cover your boobs?
What type of clothes do you use to hide body parts you don't like?
What are other things you do to hide certain flaws you may not be proud of?


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  • I don't wear makeup to cover anything. When I was teen though I did love cover up to help hide acne. Hahah I only wear a cc or bb cream on my skin now or nothing at all. On my make up days i do wear foundation though. I'm not insecure without make up but I do think I look better with it and it helps to draw attention to the features I want people to notice on my face like my eyes. I also look really young without makeup, not always a fan of that.

    I pull my hair to the front because I love my hair, I like to run my fingers through it and touch it and frame my face nicely with it.

    I'm a smidge insecure with my height, not entirely but I won't wear 6 inch heels. I'm already 5 '7 haha a couple extra inches is fine but I don't want to be a behemoth.

    • Thank you for your honesty and openness to the question. I appreciate that.

    • You find yourself to be taller and wish you were shorter? Lol why?
      Tall is better and sexy

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  • My makeup consists of mascara and eyeliner typically, occasionally eye shadow or lipstick. Not trying to hide anything just enhance. Body wise i try to hide my stomach with looser shirts or draw the attention away by focusing on something else :)


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