Should I take testosterone hormone therapy?

I have been working out hard for almost a year and I am tired of it. Getting movie buff is not going to happen, because I don't have high testosterone. I gain strength but not mass. I am super skinny. I don't gain weight and I eat a lot, and I only want to gain muscle weight anyway.
I can research what is the safest thing to take, although no matter what, the safety of them all is disputed, but the visible results are proven in the guys that take them.
I can't even get six pack and I never will, just mild definition like this:
Should I take testosterone hormone therapy?

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  • Speak to a nutritionist. There you can set up a nutrition plan and protein supplements that can help you build mass without gaining fat. There you will learn what to eat and when to eat it for optimum results.
    At the gym set up a routine with a personal trainer.
    any artificial enhancers will maybe bring short term "results", but you'll lose the effect if you stop taking them. Plus, you are jeopardizing your health. I don't think any amount of muscles are worth Kidney, Liver or Heart issues.

    Honestly, you don't need to bulk up that much. Most women prefer guys more on the slim side anyway, rather than He-Man muscles.

    • Thanks, but I have already done the nutrition thing. Without the hormone structure, it's not biologically possible to gain large muscle mass. The most I have seen is maybe gymnast body, but that after 4 years+. So women don't prefer He-Man muscles, but they prefer a body like Chris Evans over skinny guys.

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    • of course it does! How much will muscles be worth, if in the end a person can't hold an interesting conversation and runs around looking like an ungroomed hippie? Not much I tell you.
      and what do you mean "really only applies to guys"?

    • Being dismissed due to conversation skills and grooming, despite being good looking, would be an extreme case of stupidity and bad hygiene. It's not a realistic scenario. It's a biological fact that people's attraction responds to looks, above all else.

      And what I mean by 'only applies to guys' is that guys as a gender respond with very little (if any) attraction towards girls, based on hobbies and skills. The hot bimbo cliché does not come out of thin air.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Talk to a sports doc about it

    • I have very limited access to elective healthcare. At any rate, all the sports doctors I have heard mention this speak about hormone therapy. It's mostly meant for older men, but if it keeps old men looking well and alive, why not when you're in your prime?

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    • As far as Roids go they are against the law so that's out and Its not good for you anyway to many side effects So you either have to talk to a sports Doc about your problem and find the right guy that is willing to help you or if you don't have any good ones in your area drive out to find them and start saving money up to afford it. Either that or you do nothing and just forget about the whole thing

    • Thanks for MH my friend

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  • Honestly, that looks way better than all buff. >.>

    • Agree, dude listen what she is saying👍

    • @multilevel She is only 17. Women around my age don't seem to think that way.

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  • It looks fine to me - Don't take chances with your health

    • Fine, as in not deformed.

  • I think you should ask a doctor.

  • No :/

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