Rate me from 1-10 please?

Rate me from 1-10 please?

Sorry to post this but rate me please. Tell me what you like and don't like in the comments. Thanks!

  • 1-3. You disgust me! Kill it with fire
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  • 4-I've seen worse.
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  • 7-8 You look great!
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  • 9-10. Ungodly good looks!
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Thanks for all feedback but I honestly don't come out well in photos, so this probably isn't a good reflection on how I look in person.
Why does everyone pick on my clothes? I like them!


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  • you look advrage looking. but nothing bad about that :) for me its way better to look to look like that


Most Helpful Guy

  • I mean this sincerely, please take my advice.
    You are not a bad looking guy, But, I would suggest that you grow some facial hair (makes you look more manly and badass) 2- find yourself a hair style. Your hair is doing some sort of afro type of thing. 3- wear more fitting, solid colored clothing (blacks, greys, browns and blues) would look good on you. And remember to keep up with your hygiene and I promise, if you post back on here, you'd be getting 7 and 8s above average.


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